Redefine efficiency in the workplace.

Space optimization through automation

When you’ve looked everywhere else in order to save time and trim cost, don’t neglect to look at how you’re storing your assets and files, too. Premier’s menu of automated storage solutions lets you add up 60% more capacity while trimming back on some serious expense and time, just by making a simple change to a faster, more ergonomically beneficial storage system.

The Premier Line Up:

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Optimizes filing for office and administrative areas

  • Automated storage, automated shelvingAutomatically brings a file or media to the operator with the touch of a button.
  • Embedded Intelligence allows the automated storage system to network with a PC or other peripheral device and lets the user issue a retrieval order from his or her desk.
  • Minimal footprint maximizes valuable floor space and ceiling height.
  • Ergonomically beneficial with no more bending, ladder-climbing or walking through departments and hallways to search for archived records.

Automated Storage System

Maximum storage, minimal footprint, optimum parts management.

  • Fits and stores parts within available room height.
  • Reduces work-time, warehouse space by 60% or more for big cost savings.
  • Automation brings items to retrieval area in seconds. Goods to user vs. user to goods.
  • Height-optimized storage eliminates wasted space. Far more advantageous than high-bay, mini-load storage systems.
  • Network-friendly – communicates with your host computer real-time, or as a standalone system.
  • Ultimate inventory management – access inventory status anytime and eliminate excess inventory or shortages.




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