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Efficient and productive healthcare operations

In healthcare, the attention should always be on the patient, not on the details of managing your health facility’s storage. Our products cover every kind of healthcare storage, from patient records to mobile storage carts, climate-controlled specimen and medication storage, vertical bed lifts, and secure automated inventory systems. When equipment, supplies, and documents are stored and managed properly, healthcare professionals can stay patient-focused.


Manage inventory securely – Temperature-controlled and restricted-access storage preserves pharmaceuticals, supplies, PPEs, and other assets. You’ll save the cost of replacing lost, damaged, or pilfered inventory.

Use space efficiently – High-density shelving and vertical storage carousels let you store the maximum amount of supplies and equipment in a minimum of space, leaving plenty of room to meet additional demand for patient care.

Add or expand services – Our lab design-build team can create the ideal lab layout and casework, with safe traffic patterns, secure storage, and non-reactive surfaces for equipment or chemicals. Improve your testing throughput and increase your revenue potential.

Stay compliant – HIPAA regulations require secure storage for patient records, and OSHA requires supplies and hospital beds not be stored in hallways or treatment rooms. Our storage solutions keep you in the clear and save you costly fines.

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